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"I fight Rape Culture because When I told my ex boyfriend about my rape He ‘forgave’ me. I fight Rape Culture because I saw my baby sister age overnight As she told me about her best friend getting molested. I fight Rape Culture because My closest friend was abused as a child And he told nobody but me. It took him 13 years to open up. I fight Rape Culture because My friends admit to letting their partners fuck them when they don’t want it Then laugh it off as typical male behaviour. I fight Rape Culture because Saying that you’re raping someone is perfectly acceptable If you’re playing a video game. I fight Rape Culture because Men tell me they are insulted when women walking in front of them start to walk faster. As if their ego is more important than our safety. I fight Rape Culture because If I tell somebody their rape joke isn’t funny I am told that I’m uptight. I fight Rape Culture because It won’t die out Unless we kill it ourselves."

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Sep 12
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A friend of mine shared this post on Twitter today about something one of her friend’s witnessed in NYC last night, and I felt it was important for us to post it on here - as a way of both getting the word out and seeing if anyone has any way of helping the situation (blogging, writing an article, knowledge of a missing person, etc.) Please share if you can - there has to be something we can do to help. It is possible to get in touch with the original source - please first email it to and we will forward it to her. 

Sep 10

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Don’t Be That Guy.

Great campaign! Great point!

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Aug 29

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Aug 26

Sophia Bush, Mariska Hargitay & Debra Messing Woman Crush Wednesday commercial

#WomanCrushWednesday Bring it on…. (Shame I live in the UK :( ) 

An yep I just watched this commercial 3times over bk too bk LOL 

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Aug 25

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"That [exercise in acting class] was easy for me to do - to pretend there had been an accident, to pretend I’d just lost someone. But I remember sitting in class, thinking that the other people weren’t emotionally available [in their scenes]. My boyfriend at the time still had his parents, and he could never imagine what it would be like if someone told him there had been an accident and someone died. But I’d already experienced so many of these deep, profound emotions that I didn’t have to learn them. I could imagine anything. And I think that’s one of the reasons I can be so emotionally available as an actor. I understand pain and drama. I understand that it only takes one second for a life to change. I think children who experience that have a different understanding than children who don’t."


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I soo understand this is lost a parent in childhood, in fact at a time when your Brain is rewiring (during teenage yrs your Brain rewires and has to re-learn things like emotions etc) & I lost my Dad during this time, you learn quick during this time, an alot different from others who’s brains are rewiring at the same time!! 

Aug 24